Five Ways to Spend an Hour

1) Sit on a floor in a quiet room. Close eyes. Visualize your entire life and play it back in your mind like a movie. Start from your earliest memories and go to the present. Don’t omit anything. Visualize both the darkest and most painful memories, along with the most uplifting and joyous.

2) Write a two-page short story, limiting yourself to both sides of a plain piece of double-sided college-ruled 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Don’t go beyond two pages.

3) Watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation entitled “The Inner Light”

4) Go to liquor store. Pick out the most unique bottle of liquor you can find, a type you’ve never tried before (Ex: Mead, Sake, Absinthe). Bring home and drink straight, no mixing.

5) Write out your Will. Make sure its in your own handwriting, as this will make it a ‘holographic will’ and legally binding without a witness in most states (Check here for full list). Distribute all your assets. Sign and date. Put in envelope with “WILL” written on front. Place in drawer.