The Fictional Bands of A Clockwork Orange

The movie A Clockwork Orange references 10 fictional bands in the scene where Alex visits a record store and talks two girls back to his place for a threesome. I decided to research how many of the names were actually used by real, established bands. Of the 10, I found 5 of the names were used by real bands, but could only verify that 3 of the bands actually named themselves after the ones in the movie– Heaven 17, Johnny Zhivago, and The Humpers.  There were a number of bands named “Legend,” although its such a generic name that it really isn’t unique to the movie. The last of the 5, The Sparks,¹ was formed in 1970, a year before the movie was released. That leaves 5 band names that are still on the open market. Here’s the complete list:

  • Heaven Seventeen: Heaven 17 is a New Wave/Synth Pop band from Sheffield, England, active from 1980-present
  • Johnny Zhivago: Johnny Zhivago was a Punk Band from Essex, England, active from 1999-2002
  • The Humpers: The Humpers were a Garage Punk band from Long Beach, California, active from 1989-1998
  • The Sparks: Sparks are a Rock/Pop band from Los Angeles, California, active from 1970-present
  • The Legend: Legend was the name of an English heavy metal band, a Shadows tribute band, a christian rock band, and a rockabilly band
  • The Blow Goes
  • Bread Brothers 
  • Cyclops
  • The Comic Strips
  • Goggly Gogol

For more info on fictional bands see here and here.


¹While some websites say the band in the movie was named “The Sharks,” looking at a freeze frame of the DVD the band’s name seems to me to be “The Sparks.”


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