An empty wood desk.  A shot of ice cold vodka. A freshly vacuumed carpet. A blank, white wall.  A box with all your worldly possessions.  

This is minimalism, the obsession with both emptiness, clarity, cleanliness, and control.  It’s less a complete, thought out philosophy, and more a deliberate approach to life. Its a clear mind in the middle of chaos. It’s finding the plumb center of your life.  It’s sleeping soundly in emptiness. It’s peace.

The goal of minimalism to me is simply ridding ones life of all the extraneous stresses and thoughts, so one can get to the important things. It’s not about ridding your life of everything, only the things that don’t matter. If your life is filled with chaos, you simply can’t think.  Yet, if you rid your life of that chaos, you can do anything you desire.  Your life becomes truly focused and sharpened to a fine point.  From there, you are free. So, in a sense, minimalism is freedom.