More eWorld

After doing a lot of research on eWorld for my article eWorld: Apple’s Dream of the 90’s, I still had a number of random facts and links left over. I thought I’d collect these random tidbits here, along with ones from the article itself.

eWorld Simulator

eWorld’s Original Intro Video

Flickr Set of eWorld Screen Shots

May 8, 1995 Baltimore Sun Article about eWorld

Original eWorld software files (not sure what use these are)

A Personal Reflection on eWorld

Genuine eWorld t-shirt

eWorld Concept Art

eWorld Wikipedia Article

eWorld: Apple’s Overpriced, Poorly Marketed Online Service


  • Apple still owns, go to it and you will be redirected to
  • I couldn’t find any story behind why it was called eWorld, although I assume it was some take off of email. I believe it was the first Apple product or service that used their now familiar naming convention of using a lower case letter followed by an upper case letter, i.e. iPod, iPhone, iMac, eMac, and iPad.
  • A Windows version of eWorld was actively produced but never made it past the alpha stage.
  • The cartoon people of eWorld were referred to as ‘ePeople.’
  • eWorld actually made money for Apple. According to Chris Christensen, an Apple employee in the 90′s, while eWorld itself was unprofitable, the original deal with AOL to create eWorld included Apple getting cheap AOL stock options, which they eventually cashed in for a big profit when AOL’s stock skyrocketed in the late 90′s. See The eWorld That Was and Wasn’t.

*These links were all working as of Feb. 6, 2013.