Comic Crash of the 90s

Comic books became incredibly popular during the early 90s, to the point that the entire industry could not sustain the momentum.  The bubble quickly burst and the comic industry fell hard.  There were many reasons for this crash, including investment speculation, incredibly large print runs, and the comic distribution system, amongst others.  I grew up during this time, and it was sad when the crash hit and many comic stores in my town went under and all the comics I had soon became basically worthless. Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard wrote an excellent article chronicling the Comic Crash of 1993.

Comic books were as hot as a market could be. At the investment level, high-value comics were appreciating at a fantastic rate. At the retail level, comic-book stores were popping up all across the country to meet a burgeoning demand. As a result, even comics of recent vintage saw giant price gains. A comic that sold initially for 60 cents could often fetch a 1,000 percent return on the investment just a few months later.