The Worst Apple Print Ads of All-Time

Apple has created some of the greatest and most iconic advertisements in corporate history. However, its not perfect, and here are some of its lowest moments in print advertising.

Historical Figures

While Apple would go on to to create iconic ads using actual pictures of historical figures in its ‘Think Different” campaign, it made the misstep twenty years earlier when they decided to instead have people dress up as historical figures.

System 7.5 and the Original Apple Watch

Not sure its a great idea to get people to upgrade their systems by offering them either a horribly ugly watch or third party software that shows your OS is so unstable you need it to catch potential conflicts.

Apple Adam Ad

While this ad gets your attention, is a naked biblical figure the spokesperson you want for your cutting edge computer? At least there’s a creative writing contest.

The 1984 Bill Gates Macintosh Ad

Never a good idea to have the man who would become your arch nemesis in the ad for your revolutionary product. While you can’t fault Apple for this at the time, it looks very bad in retrospect.

The Single Worst Apple Ad Ever Created

It would be hard to argue against this being the worst ad Apple ever created. While it was from their early days in the late 70s, how do make an ad that basically shows one of your salesman as a pedophile? How else are we supposed to interpret this ad?! The guy is massaging the back of a young boy and giving the creepiest of smiles. Apple, for shame…

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