The Redesign

Welcome to the new VintageZen.  I decided I needed to finally unshackle myself from the free WordPress blog I have had for the past two years.  I migrated my entire site over to Squarespace and redesigned everything.  I created a new header and logo and went with a very minimal black, white, and gray theme.  I also updated my About section, adding a few paragraphs about my goals for the site. I hope things are looking much more professional.

By way of history, I started VintageZen about two years ago, but it was mostly a neglected hobby that I went months without updating.  It wasn’t until this year that I’ve really devoted my time to actually updating and writing original content for the site. I have a wide variety of interests, so I might not be laser focused on a specific topic all the time.  Yet, I do gravitate towards technology (especially Apple), retro things, philosophical musings,  and interesting ideas in general.  I think reading through my archives will give you a sense of the type of things I write about.

As a warning, some of the previous posts may look slightly off, since the formatting was changed in the move.  I went through them and tried to make everything look decent, but I might have missed some things or there may be the random link that is broken.  Feel free to notify me if you catch anything that’s off.