Some Follow Up to the Matt Groening Article

So my article about Matt Groening’s Artwork for Apple has been a big hit, getting linked around to numerous sites I admire, including Daring Fireball, The Loop, and ParisLemon.  In terms of some follow up, Michael Bishop contacted me earlier today to tell me he was the original source of the scans of the Apple Brochure.  I had stumbled upon those scans through, but they were also on numerous other websites and I could never could find the original source.  He wrote a great blog post about his experience first encountering the Groening Apple brochure:

At my first year of college in 1991, I would regularly stop by the bookstore/computer store on campus. I was a huge Apple fan and I liked to see whatever new products had come out. … One day, I walked in and there was a brochure sitting on the counter with Bongo on the cover. 

In addition, while I read some tweets and comments about people saying they still have either the brochure or posters laying around somewhere, I still can’t find any on eBay. Get on this people! I’m curious to see how much they will go for.