Old Macs

I recently had the pleasure of writing a guest post about the original iBook for the ongoing “Old Mac of the Month” series at 512 Pixels. The series covers a wide variety of vintage Macs, and each post is written by a different guest writer. Some of the other Macs covered so far have been the Mac Plus, the 12″ Powerbook G4, and Mac SE. My favorite ‘Old Mac of the Month’ post is definitely John Vieria’s post about the Beige PowerMac G3, where he goes into a very detailed imaginary description of Jony Ive and Steve Jobs’ working relationship:

There’s a rumor that says Jony Ive created Bondi blue by taking a palmful of the bluest Australian ocean water he could find and, after walking several thousands of miles back to his industrial design lab in the dank bowels of the Apple campus with that same palmful of water kept in a state of perfect tranquility by Ives’ unnaturally strong equilibrium, he used a machine that had no knobs and no buttons, but a silhouette strongly reminiscent of somehow all of the Dieter Rams-era Braun products, to turn it into a Pantone swatch while Steve Jobs massaged his shoulders.

With that Pantone swatch secure in an underground bunker within an underground bunker, Steve and Jony switched places. As Jony worked out the kinks and knots in Steve’s shoulders, Jobs started changing things. Fundamental things. He literally drove a dump truck full of floppy drives and ADB ports off of a cliff. Just to make a point. He invented the USB port by accident. He made every peripheral company swear to make matchy-matchy accessories so you never had to stop touching Bondi blue. Whether or not they were under duress when they entered this agreement, nobody could say.