1982 Steve Jobs Infoworld Interview

This 1982 interview with Steve Jobs from the magazine Infoworld treads on many similar stories that have been told many times. However, there were a couple little gems that I had not heard before.

With all the talk recently of Yahoo forbiding working from home, it was interesting that Jobs had thoughts on that subject way back in the early 80s.

IW: What do you think of the move to working at home?

Jobs: We have about 10 to 20% of our software engineers working at home, and that percentage is increasing. I think management is going to have to evolve to keep up with it.

Another little gem is Jobs talks about what career he would of gone into if he hadn’t founded Apple.

IW: What sort of career did you have in mind?

Jobs: I never thought about it. I was going to be a poet.

IW: You write poetry?

Jobs: You could call it that.