My Favorite Scene From a Movie I’ve Never Seen

A few years ago I came across this random movie scene of a woman who encounters Johnny Depp in a music store while listening to Radiohead’s Creep. I’m not sure exactly how it came onto my radar, but I remember watching it for the first time and being confused. Was it some fancy extended commercial? Was it fan edited to add the Radiohead song? How could there be this Johnny Depp movie I’ve never heard of? Who was the actress? All these thoughts went through my head, yet as I watched it I thought, wow, this is so good. It’s such a perfect combination of film and music. I defintely watched it many times, over and over. 

It turns out it was a scene from a 2004 French movie entitled “Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d’enfants” (‘Happily Ever After’ in English). Johnny Depp was only making a cameo in the scene and the actress was Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Ever since I’ve found this scene I’ve thought about watching the entire movie, but for some reason I like having just this scene. It’s perfect by itself and I think its better trying to imagine the two characters stories and what came before and after. I see it as a tiny filmed short story and I think watching the entire film might ruin that to some degree.


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene From a Movie I’ve Never Seen

  1. I also came across this movie scene and i found it mesmerizing,if that is the proper word.I love that song and i,m a fan of johny depp too.I barely regognized the actress.It just kinda stuck in my mind and i,m glad that someone else enjoyed it in the same sort of way.

  2. An idea to watch the movie slipped through my mind too. I could if I wanted to, maybe this movie could be one of the greatest movie that I should watch that could teach me something. But I didn’t.

  3. I’ve watched this multiple times. After getting over the feeling, now I want to know the CDs they were holding. I can’t figure out from the cover.

  4. The most important aspect of this video is the band on the ring finger on her left hand.

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