Preview of the Apple Pop-Up Museum

I recently wrote about the upcoming Apple Pop-Up Museum that is set to open on April 20 in Atlanta, GA. Stephen Hackett got an early behind the scenes look at the museum and it looks as amazing as I’d imagined.

If the Apple I is Genesis, then a little garage in Los Altos is Eden. The garage is recreated in Mimms’ Apple Pop-Up Museum, with large prints of what the workstations looked like. In the middle of the room, on a white stand, under glass, in Mimms’ Apple I.

Stepping out of the garage and back in to the hallway, I asked about the layout of the museum. Thereze Almström, the Apple Pop-Up Museum’s curator and exhibition designer, explains the design of the space. “We don’t have to be in a gallery,” she said. “We can set up in an office. Everything can be moved.”

That mobility and flexibility is important to the goal that Mimms and Almström share: to take their exhibit on the road.