Casual Weekend Links

A few random links for casual enjoyment on a lazy weekend

The original French song that was the basis for the music to My Way. Paul Anka heard this song while in europe and wrote english lyrics to it for Frank Sinatra.

Producers of the movie “42” hired expert throwback uniform manufacuters to replicate the uniforms in the movie down to the most exacting detail.

An upcoming movie called “Computer Chess” is about tournament of computer chess software programmers set in the early 80s. It was shot in black and white and mostly improvised. Looks pretty amazing.

Here’s a strange post from a few years ago about how to fake being a time traveler. Slightly distrubing yet hilarious nontheless. (via

Here’s a cool memorial page for Steve Jobs that is made to look exactly like the interface of an orginal 128k Mac.

Speaking of websites made to look like vintage Mac interfaces. This Japanese website called “The Vintage Mac Museum” replicates the look of an old school Mac and includes info and many screenshots of almost any classic Mac software you can think of, including games.

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