Casual Weekend Links

A few random links for casual enjoyment on a lazy weekend

Kevin Aston writes a fascinating article about how easy it is to create an entirely fake internet celebrity, all for the low price of $68. (via Divergency)

Steven Johnson of Wired discusses the history and failure of hypertext stories. I remember back in the day when everyone fully believed these type of stories would be the ‘future’ of fiction.

Kyle Buchanan traces the on-screen romantic histories of several leading men. While the conclusion that leading men are paired up with much younger women isn’t groundbreaking, seeing it graphed out is interesting nonetheless.

Eric Naiman writes a very in-depth article about a fake account of Charles Dickens meeting Fyodor Dostoevsky, which leads him down the rabbit hole of footnotes to discover a man who basically has ‘catfished’ the world of literary criticism for many years.

Apparently the 3rd week in April is not a very good one for the United States over the past twenty years.

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