Star Wars Tourism

“If there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.” -Luke Skywalker

Unless you are a hardcore Star Wars fan you might not realize that most of the Tatooine scenes were actually filmed in the deserts of Tunisia. What gave those scenes a real lived in quality is the fact many were filmed in actual places, most that still exist today. There is an entire Star Wars tourism industry in Tunisia that caters to fans and one can visit many of these iconic places. Here are a few that I’ve superimposed with screenshots of the film.

Lars Homestead (Interior)

The interior of the Lars Homestead was filmed in an existing troglodyte home. It has now become the working Hotel Sidi Driss, where one can stay for an affordable rate and drink in their small bar.

Lars Homestead (Exterior)

The exterior of the Lars Homestead, seen in a number of early scenes, still exists and has recently been renovated by some very dedicated fans.

Tosche Station

While this deleted scene at Tosche Station was only seen in its entirety with the release of the Star Wars Blu-Ray, you can visit the exterior location.

Ben’s Kenobi’s Hut

This exterior of Ben Kenobi’s house was only briefly glimpsed early in the movie, yet the structure used still exists.

Mark Dermul has a full gallery of pics of these locations, along with locations from the other trilogy that we shall not name.