State of the Blog

For the small group of followers of this blog I thought I’d write up a little about how things have been going the past six months. First off, I’ve had some really successful articles that have gotten shared around and read by thousands of people. According to my stats here are my top ten posts from the past six months:

1) Matt Groening’s Artwork for Apple

2) The Movie Set Museum

3) The Sad State of MLB’s Blackout Rules

4) A Computer of a Certain Age

5) The Lost Art of Apple Code Names

6) eWorld: Apple’s Dream of the 90s

7) Follow Up to the Matt Groening Article

8) The Worst Apple Print Ads of All Time

9) The Redesign

10) The Fictional Bands of a Clockwork Orange

In total, I’ve gotten around 175,000 page views, although the vast majority of those views are from my Matt Groening article, which went really viral and was linked to by Digg, DaringFireball, The Loop, The Huffington Post, Parislemon, The Morning News, amongst a number of others. I was a bit surprised that although I got such a big influx of traffic from that article, many tens of thousands of people, only an extremely small percentage have actually stuck around. I’ve realized that it’s not that difficult to have a single article become popular, but its extremely difficult to have your blog itself become popular. Looking at all the successful bloggers I admire, they all took a number of of years to build a following and reach a point they could even consider blogging full time.

I’m still wondering if I can build a following. It’s discouraging that if others don’t share an article, it usually gets little traffic and no comments, and basically dies. I’d urge any reader to share my articles if you enjoy them, and also give some feedback, even to say you disagree with me. I always enjoy a good debate and I love just knowing people out there are actually reading these things I’ve spent so much time writing.

That brings me to my last point – blogging is hard. When I started to take this blog more seriously back in January I don’t think I realized just how much of a grind blogging is, even though I’m writing and posting about things I love. I’ve put pressure on myself to post regularly, which has led me to fill in my content with lots of linked pieces. However, what I really enjoy are my original articles, although to make them good it can take time. Even producing one good original article a week can be tough, considering I have a full time job.

In light of this, I think I’m going to cut back on my posts and don’t be shocked if I go a number of days, maybe even a week, at a time without posting anything. I’m going to do a lot less linked pieces and concentrate on original articles. I hope this will make the original content I do produce really great and something that people will enjoy.

If you haven’t already, please add my RSS feed to your reader of choice, follow the blog on Twitter, or bookmark the home page and check in every once in awhile. Also, don’t be afraid to email me or leave a comment on an article.