The Daily Zen #1 “Let Us Begin”

So I’m going to do an experiment and attempt to write a daily post with my thoughts and reflections on the day, mostly centered around tech issues, with occasional tangents into unknown quadrants. I’ll try it out for the next five days and see what happens. Let us begin.

Apparently Disney pulled down a digital movie on Amazon, making it unavailable even to people who had already bought the movie. The reason – they wanted to exclusively show it on the Disney Channel during Christmas.1 The movie was “Prep and Landing 2” which is rather obscure and there might only be 7 1/2 people in the entire country that actually want to see this movie, but it shows a more pressing issue. If you buy a digital movie, you don’t own it in the traditional sense. It is not something you can resell or watch on any device you choose or even are guaranteed to continue to own into the future. It’s more akin to an indefinite rental, even if Amazon and Apple will tell you that you are “buying” it. I have more to say on this issue and might write a much longer piece, but I think people should look into this more before choosing to simply buy everything digitally, because the convenience might not outweigh the problems involved.

Twitter might be implementing a limited ‘edit’ feature in the future. HALLELUJAH! Finally we can all be rid of the horror of sending out a tweet with a typo. I’m not being sarcastic, I actually think it looks like a fantastic feature and the proposed implementation looks interesting. Maybe this will get us over the whole Twitter blocking scandal and let us heal.

Finishing Thought, if you want to waste a while going down a rabbit hole of interesting articles, check out the Time Travel tag on I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with time travel, and there may or may not be a long post I have saved in my drafts folder on the subject. Maybe someday it will come to light, in which case a future time traveler may come back at this very second and tell me how many retweets it received. Hey, you never know.

Old Podcast of the Day (where I recommend an old episode of a podcast you may or may not be aware of): The Incomparable TV Character Draft and TV Show Pitches. The first episode has the guests go in turn drafting any TV character they want, from Columbo to Skeletor. In the second episode each guest uses the characters they drafted to create a pitch for a TV show. Steve Lutz’s pitch blew me away, and I would give anything for it to become a reality.

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Special Thanks: I must give a bit of credit to the man from down under Andrew J. Clark2 for helping inspire this daily post with his own daily podcast The Andrew J. Cast. Mr. Clark is a man who loves aviators and also made an amazing Pixar level short film called “Errors Escape” which everyone must check out, now, go do it. In addition, he hosts The Menu Bar with the equally great Zach Cichy (who also is trying out his own one man podcast), where they drink and talk tech, nuff said.

1. Remember when the Disney Channel used to be a pay channel, like HBO or Showtime? Yeaaahhhh….

2. What does the J in Andrew J. Clark stand for? The world may never know.