The Daily Zen #2 “Beautiful, Dumb, & Fast”

So begins day two of my daily posting experiment. I think my first post may have been a tad rambling, which was partly by design, but hopefully it didn’t scare too many people away. I’ll focus on a single topic today, let us begin.

I’d like to talk televisions. It seems TVs today are overly focussed on expanded features and apps and internet connectivity, at the expense of being terribly bloated and slow. Yet, what I personally want out of my TV is very simple and can be boiled down to a phrase – beautiful, dumb, and fast.

First, I want a stunning, beautiful high quality display. That is truly what the TV is for, to show your content in as eye pleasing a way as possible. No gimmicks, just give me a beautiful display.

Second, I want my TV to simply be a dumb box. I don’t want smart apps or wifi connections or Hulu integration. I can get all that from connected devices, so don’t jam it into my TV and make it more complicated.

Third, I want it to be blazing fast. The two main areas are turning it on and off and input selection. I want those things to be as close to instantaneous as possible, because they are the two things I use most on my TV. Yet, they remain horribly slow and clunky in almost every TV I’ve seen. Why are no TV manufacturers working on this problem?

If there was a TV that met these three categories, I’d go out and buy it right now. I’m not sure why these areas are not much of a focus for TV manufacturers right now, but I hope it will change at some point. If a TV like this existed, I know it at least would attract tons of tech geeks. Just give me a TV that’s beautiful, dumb, and fast.

Old Podcast of the Day: Hypercritical #16 “The Soap Opera Effect.” Speaking of TVs, in this episode, John Siracusa takes a deep dive into television technology. For extra credit, you can also listen to this week’s ATP, in which Siracusa talks about his latest television purchase.

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