On Creating

There are many stages of the creative process, but I think the most enjoyable is that initial stage where you are hit by an idea and explore all of its various facets. That’s when the fun happens – as everything is new and shiny and free of compromise. You can imagine all the endless possibilities that the idea opens up, and your mind is on that high of fantasizing about what the future might bring. The idea is this shining globe of light that is leading you towards some amazing end point, unobstructed by the cold, harshness of reality.

Yet, an idea is simply that, an idea. It rests amongst a thousand other ideas, 99% of which never go anywhere beyond the initial fantasizing stages. That is the problem I seem to have – so many ideas floating around in my brain and not being able to focus on a single one and bring it to life. I get stuck in that high of thinking about ideas, but that kind of thinking simply leads to inaction. An idea that is never acted upon is of no use to anyone.

However, even when I manage to dive in and bring an idea to life, the reality of the situation in no way mirrors the high I had imagining the idea. Instead of this beautiful picture in my head, it becomes a grueling slog of work, and compromises always creep in. The process of creating things is not for the faint of heart, and to actually achieve greatness in what you create, you must endure an immense amount of sacrifice.

Yet, despite all the hardships and chaos the creative process brings, I still am intensely drawn towards its rewards. The dream of the perfect turn of a phrase, the most heart wrenching mixture of color, the flawless balance of sound. It’s in these moments of grace that everything else fades away. All the pain and struggle disappears into the shadows and all that is left is the glowing light of creation.


One thought on “On Creating

  1. I agree with this post. In a simple few words I tell myself to "Conceive and create". The material for many ideas goes through my mind but only few are selected for "conception" after conception one must face the fact of the consequence of it. So I simply remind myself that ideas are always present but I must choose wisely between them and decide which ones are genuinely worthy of the effort and the price to be paid to bring them to fruition. External actions on behalf of an idea that has been joined to an intention and was thereby conceived is what we describe when we speak of the process of creation. Once this process begins there is often little time to enjoy the process of joining thoughts with the intention to create and thereby conceive more ideas. This seems to be necessary because I am busy bring that one idea to life. Creative ideas may be like children; of all the thoughts that are potential ideas only a few will be selected to be conceived but joining with the intention to create. But once so conceived you cannot conceive more until the travail of the birth process is over and a new concept or idea has entered the world to either bless or curse it.

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