The Daily Zen #10 “Ideas”

The last few of these have been a bit long, so I’ll end your week with a nice and short one. Let us begin.

There are always ideas floating around our heads – ideas that are insightful, comical, hopeful, pessimistic, profound, insignificant, hateful, loving, awful, illuminating. They cascade through our thoughts and push and pull at the gray matter in our brains. Some ideas seem to bring us ever closer to the ultimate questions of life, as others pull us ever deeper into the bowels of our animalistic human nature. Yet, they all are valuable in some sense, and they all teach us something – not only about the world, but about ourselves. The truly wise explore all ideas, especially the ones that scare them. It is only afterwards that one can shape those ideas into something truly of value.

Old PBS Special of the Day: The Power of Myth. This is a six episode miniseries exploring Joseph Campbell’s ideas about myth and religion. It may seem a dry subject, but I found it extremely interesting. Also, there’s some Star Wars references to keep your attention.

(Unless someone can point me to a streaming source, it unfortunatly seems the only current way to watch this is the rather expensive DVD.)

Don’t follow me on Twitter, instead write a short story. If you can’t think of an idea, base it around a man (or woman) who wakes up and discovers the past 10 years of his life has been a computer simulation.