The Podcasters : Anze Tomic

This is a continuing series in which I will be interviewing many great podcasters to learn about their podcasting setups. While the content is always the most important aspect of a podcast, the technical craft in bringing that content to the listeners also deserves attention. I hope this series will illuminate that critical piece of the puzzle.

Anže Tomić is popular (and prolific) Slovenian podcaster who has also started to break into English language podcasting.

What podcasts do you host?

I run a podcast network, Apparatus, in Slovenia that is currently comprised of five shows. I host/cohost three shows and the other two have a home on my network.

Of the shows I am on, one is about movies, TV shows, books and the like which I do with a friend who is a standup comic. We invite different guests on and we discuss a movie, show, etc. It started as a Game of Thrones podcast since my cohost translated all of the books and then it expanded into the show it is today.

The next show I do is a casual conversation show with a professional basketball player (a proper one since he played in the NBA and is currently playing for Barcelona in Europe). Yet the show is not about sports at all. We have a guest on most times and we mostly discuss what the guest does and we talk about tech, space, and nature.

The third show is the show I do on my own and is the one that started it all. It’s called Apparatus and it has an English version in the form of Storming Mortal where I put all of the English interviews. The show is a pure interview show where I talk to people about what they do, why they do it, and then we discuss their setup a little. So far I have done about sixty interviews. I do one per week and eleven so far have been in English.

What’s your physical rig? (Computer, Mic, headphones, other accessories.)

This is where I will probably differ form a lot of the people in this series since I use no Apple products at all. I have a PC box I built, that has 16 GB of ram, a 64 GB SSD, and a terabyte hard drive. I run Windows 7 also known as “the only good Windows OS”.

I use the best computer mouse ever built. Ever. The Logitech MX518 (I am on my third one). My keyboard is the SteelSeries G6v2 with blue Cherry switches. It is supposed to be a gaming keyboard, but it really is not and I love it. My monitor is a 24 inch LG model that has no lag. Anybody that was ever serious about playing Street Fighter will know why I bought that monitor.

I record on a Blue Yeti mounted on a Rode PS1 arm and the Blue Radius shock mount. I use the MXL WS-002 Foam Windscreen.

I know people like the Rode Podcaster a lot, but I just do not like the sound I get from it. The Yeti sounds so much better to my ears it’s not even close. AND it is cheaper. It also comes in handy since the interviews I do are mostly done in person, so the bidirectional pattern the Yeti can record in is awesome.

I use the Sony MDR 7506 headphones and they are soooo good since I edit all of my shows and having headphones that don’t hurt after wearing them for a couple of hours is nice indeed. Since my keyboard is loud I use my Asus Transformer Prime tablet to take notes during recording or I use a piece of paper and a pen my dad designed.

What type of room do you record in?

I live in a small studio apartment so, yeah, that’s the type of room I record in.

What software do you use for recording and editing?

I record my end in Audacity. I record Skype with Pamela and that is only as a backup since we do all of our shows as double enders. I edit everything in Reaper.

What do you use to host your podcasts online?

My sites are on a shared hosting account but the mp3s are on a separate server with an SSD drive and that helps with the download speed. I used to have everything on that shared server but the shows got too popular and I was afraid I was going to get kicked off.

I used Blubrry hosting for a while (I use their WordPress plugin), but it was a little too expensive. I am about to add a couple of more shows to the network and then Blubrry will become an attractive option again.

What’s your basic workflow for recording a podcast and taking it to the published stage?

When I do an interview in person it’s pretty straightforward since I end up with one track which I edit and then ftp to the server and publish. I use WordPress with the Genesis framework which was the best 60 dollars I ever spent.

When we do the double enders I have Dropbox shared folders with the people I record with so they put their end in there. Then I sync, edit, and publish. This all sounds simple and after a while it gets to be that way, but at first you you go through all kinds of problems with syncing, drift, guests recordings being crappy because they used headphones that bleed audio into the mic… stuff like that. I have gotten good at explaining to people beforehand what they should do, and not do, to get a decent recording from them.

Would you like to change anything about your current podcasting setup?

I am saving to buy a mixer so we will be able to do a live show here and there. I am talking about an actual live show in front of people, not just streaming online. Then there is always the Heil PR-40 which is one of those mics I would like to get and then use my Yeti just for the in-person interviews since it is a pain taking it from the Rode arm every time I go to do an interview.

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