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This is a continuing series in which I interview many great podcasters to learn about their podcasting setups. While the content is always the most important aspect of a podcast, the technical craft in bringing that content to the listeners also deserves attention. I hope this series will illuminate that critical piece of the puzzle.

Chris Enns hosts a number of podcasts and runs his own podcasting network. He also hails from Canada, marking the fifth country represented in this series.

What podcasts do you host?

I host a few different shows that are hosted at SSKTN, my own podcast network of sorts, which will be transitioning to a new broadcast site at in the near future:

  • Lost & Lemon: A show with my brother-in-law, also named Chris, where we talk about our respective businesses, lives and other random stuff. It’s so our mother-in-law can keep up with us basically.
  • Show Me Your Mic: A podcast where I talk to other podcasters about their podcasts. It’s an excuse for me to chat up some of my podcasting heroes and get to know new (to me) podcasters in the process.
  • The Intellectual Radio Program: Tim Smith, Adam Clark and myself talk about our lives as world famous podcasters and how we spend all our money. OR the three of us talk about the struggles of balancing businesses, life, hobbies and procrastination.
  • There’s a bunch of past shows on SSKTN that are either in hiatus or are dead like Welcome to the Internet, Colours and Code, Experts on Everything, and Too Lazy to Blog.

I’ve also been doing a daily(ish) solo podcast over at – 10 minutes or less of thoughts on my brain as it relates to my life.

What’s your physical rig? (Computer, Mic, headphones, other accessories.)

You can listen to this in audio form, but here’s a rough workflow:

  • A Mackie Onyx 1620i mixer that’s quite a bit of overkill for what I do currently but I wanted to have expandability options.

  • 2007 iMac that I run Logic Express 9 on. The iMac is on it’s last legs but is hanging in there.

  • A Heil PR40 for myself to sound awesome.

  • One of the first Intel Mac Minis that serves as a Skype box to bring in guests/co-hosts on.

  • A 2012 Mac Mini that I run Nicecast on to send audio to my live stream hosted on Shoutcheap.

  • A mid-2011 MacBook Air that I use for my own browsing/recording show notes/checking Twitter when Adam Clark talks too long (never happens).

What type of room do you record in?

I record in a basement office in our home. I’ve done nothing to properly sound proof/insulate/etc. the room but I’ve been thinking I should put up some sort of wall/floor material to give the room a bit more warmth as right now it’s all flat walls, flat desks, and flat floors.

What software do you use for recording and editing?

Logic Express 9. I’ve toyed with upgrading to Logic Pro X and probably will at some point but right now it’s a case of it’s not really broken so I’m not going to fix it.

What do you use to host your podcasts online?

The MP3s are hosted at Libsyn and/or Amazon S3, depending on where the show is in the transition over to

What’s your basic workflow for recording a podcast and taking it to the published stage?

  • Record into Logic Express 9
  • Write down show notes in a Markdown file in TextMate
  • Export audio to MP3 in Logic
  • Throw MP3 into iTunes for metadata entry
  • Use Transmit to upload to Libsyn
  • Post show to SSKTN which is a WordPress install with a mix of custom post types and categories for shows.

Would you like to change anything about your current podcasting setup?

Well pretty much everything about the hosting is going to change soon. Get back to me once is launched later in March, 2014.

I’d love to have a newer computer to edit with and a couple Mac Minis to bring people in on their own dedicated Skype line/audio track. Oh and a few web cams to set up a live video feed. And a studio space that was in a public location where people could drop by and come on air or record their own shows.

So just a few things I guess.


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