The Daily Zen #12 “Stick with Me”

I’ve decided to jump back on the horse and attempt to do an entire week of new Daily Zens. I think I’ll try to make each one this week a bit shorter and focussed on a single topic. Let us begin.

Recently I was trying to think of blog posts or articles I’ve read online that have stuck with me for longer than a week or two. Posts that I still occasionally think back to that had a deeper effect on me than your standard “Why Apple needs to make an iWatch” post. It was tough, and I realized that most of the posts I read everyday drain rather quickly out of my memory. However, I was able to come up with these five:

  • Do No Harm: The story of a man afflicted with a mental disease that drives him to amputate his own healthy leg.

  • Tommy Westphall’s Mind: A total of 282 TV shows can be connected back to the mind of an autistic boy in St. Elsewhere.

  • Bret, Unbroken: The story of a man who’s body was shattered by a childhood accident who discovers meaning through running.

  • Easy Solutions #1: A how to guide of impersonating a time traveler and sleeping with one of your friends.

  • He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died: A photo essay of a set of found polaroids that show the last 18 years of a man’s life.

I can pull out two themes that emerge from these five articles: either they are an intensely personal and emotional story, or they illuminate some really unique and mind bending idea. The strange thing is none are tech related stories, yet that is what I voraciously read every single day. I’m sure I could remember some of the thousands of tech articles I’ve read over the years, but the all seem to form a general base of knowledge in my mind. Yet, these certain articles formed a deeper connection for some reason.

I’ve written in a past entry into this series about how not every blog post has to be one that is remembered years down the road, but the one’s that are remembered interest me. I’d encourage anyone reading this to comment below on the blog posts that have stuck with you over the years. I’d like to see what themes emerge beyond the one’s I’ve seen personally.

Old Blog Posts of the Day: See above.

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