The Daily Zen #14 “Money”

The week of Daily Zens continues unabated… always. Let us begin.

Talking about money is one of those things that can make people uncomfortable. It’s usually seen as “private” and most don’t go around discussing specific dollar figures of their salaries or how much money they have in the bank. It’s usually the same for people that make money online, and there is a real lack of basic info on how much money people are actually making from blogs or podcasts or apps. You know some people seem to be making money, but you don’t know how much.

I wish people were a little more in the open, just because I think people coming into those arenas might have unrealistic expectations. For example, you might look up and see the single ad I have on my site and expect I’m making some decent money from that. But in reality, I’ve never made more than $20 in a single month from that ad, which doesn’t even cover the cost for me to host my site on Squarespace. Most months it is less than $10, and occasionally is boasted over that when I happen to get linked by a bigger site.

I think this is the same for other online areas as well. People who are starting out podcasting usually make either no money or a very small amount if they manage to find a sponsor. There are a million apps in the App Store, but I bet the vast majority make hardly any money from them. You see the success stories like Flappy Bird and think everyone is bringing in thousands every day, but that’s just not the case. Unless you hit the app lottery, most indie apps probably can’t come anywhere close to sustaining even a single person’s full-time salary.

That’s the hard, sobering truth. The internet is a vast new land of opportunity to be creative and connect with the world. It’s great at that, but it’s just not that great at making you money from those endeavors. You can do it, but its a tough slog and takes lots of cunning and time.

Old Movie of the Day: Wall Street. Speaking of money, here’s the classic 1980’s movie centering around money and how it can corrupt a person. It includes the famous line from Gordon Gekko,”greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

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