The Daily Zen #16 “A Hive Mind of Clichés”

My last Daily Zen of the week. I’ll go back to intermittingly posting these in the future on a decidedly non-daily schedule. Let us begin.

I realized I picked a bad week to decide to write something new everyday. It’s been quite the drain and very tough to balance with a number of other things I have going on. Yet, I did it. I pushed through and here I am, five consecutive posts later. I’d like to write about the power of pushing through, getting work done, and not giving in, but that’s all clichéd self-help bullshit. Anyone reading this has already heard that before.

So I’m not going to give you any advice. You’ve heard all the advice, read all the fun factoids, contemplated all the mind bending ideas. Everything has already been saturated into your mind through the endless torrent of information that the wondrous and magical INTERNET provides. Anything you think is an original thought is just a Google search away from being a blog post some guy wrote in 2011. The trends simply repeat every few years in slightly different ways, the fads simply call back to earlier fads, the stories echo older stories. Everything seems to be swirling in an endless vortex of mass information.

Soon everyone’s minds will simply be copies of copies of copies and eventually we all will merge into a single hive mind of clichés. Maybe that will be the true singularity. The scary part is we won’t even realize what has happened. We’ll all continue posting to each other on the latest social platform an endless loop of recycled ideas, never realizing in the slightest that all our original thoughts have been used up. In many ways this has already begun…

Old Movie of the Day: Star Wars. I love Star Wars, although realize that is a giant cliché. Enjoy.

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